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Resident Portal

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Pay Rent

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Pet Screening

Click here to create your online profile! NOTICE: Everyone must complete the screening process. This is not only for pet and animal owners but also for residents that DO NOT own a pet or animal. If your pet receives a score of 2 paws or lower, additional fees apply.


Sublease FAQs
  • Q: Whose responsibility is it to find a sublease to take over my lease?

    It is YOUR responsibility. We do not keep a list of current residents who need sublesees.

  • Q: When I find a sublessee, what do they need to do?

    The sublessee needs to come to our office and complete an application. The sublessee’s application must meet our resident qualifying criteria in order to take over your lease.

  • Q: What monies are due?

    The sublessee will need to pay a non-refundable application fee at the time they complete their application. An additional sublease fee will also be due. Either you or your sublessee may pay the sublease fee. This is something that you both decide upon.

  • Q: What happens to my Security Deposit?

    It has to stay with the apartment and will be refunded to the person whose name is on the lease when the apartment is vacated (if no additional charges are incurred). Therefore, you and the sublessee should discuss whether they should exchange money for the security deposit. In addition, any monies that were prepaid on the apartment stay with the apartment.

  • Q: Once the sublessee’s application is approved and the application fee and sublease fee have been paid, what’s next?

    You and the sublessee need to come to the Office and sign a Sublease Agreement. The sublessee also needs to sign a Lease and all Lease Addendums. This agreement is not valid until all parties have signed agreement and Management has approved with their signature.

  • Q: When and where do I turn in keys?

    Keys need to be exchanged between the you and the sublessee. If this option is not available, our office can hold the keys for the sublessee. An inspection must be completed prior to move-out to allow the sublessee knowledge of any potential damage charges. The sublessee takes the apartment in “AS IS CONDITION.”

  • Q: When does the sublessee begin paying rent?

    Rent is due the day the sublessee takes possession of the apartment. If you offer to pay any of the sublessee’s rent, you may pay it either to the Office or the sublessee.